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"The way you do anything is the way you do everything. And I've never done anything half-assed."

Sometimes, life surprises you in the nicest way.

And, sometimes, you get not only a second act, but a third as well.

I've been a reporter (Columbia Journ '86), a professor (Marymount Manhattan College, NYC), and a novelist (The Timeling, And now life's given me a chance to rekindle my first passion: Performing. And it's a dream, once deferred, now realized.

I'm an actor as well as stand-up comic with stage,  print and commercial credits. But my comedic roles have been the most fun: I've been a a cougar mom-in-mourning,  a hapless talk-show host, and a Jewish Vampire's mom. 

My training ranges from Stanislavski (college) , to Mesiner (post-graduate), and, more currently, improv/sketch comedy (UCB, IN Studios I-Prov). And while I'll never be cast as the lead at the Met,  I've had professional voice training.

I've worked Off-Broadway and Regional, and am a member of  One on One, Casting Frontier, Actors' Access, Casting Networks, and Backstage.

But my stand-up has taken on a life of its own this year, as I'm often at Governor's/Brokerage on LI or  doing city gigs at Dangerfield's, Gotham, Caroline's, Broadway Comedy, or The Comic Strip Live. (CLICK ON "SCHEDULE" ON THE TOOLBAR ABOVE TO SEE WHERE I'M CURRENTLY PERFORMING!)

And check out my Instagram (cnlowell) or Facebook (Clare Lowell) accounts and come catch me sometime--

I'd love it if you did!

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Fun night performing in the Village (San
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Comics unlimited at Broadway Comedy Club
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New day, new gig
Love working Gov’s Lil’ Room tonight!
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Summertime Clare
Martha explains it all
Class Reunion--Cheerleader Bitch
I Hate Hamlet_edited
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TEL: 631-873-6858

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